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The 1 Minute Trainer

Welcome! We are excited to introduce to you the One Minute Trainer healthy lifestyle and Holistic living Channel

With Sherry Gideons and Mary Elizabeth

Sherry Gideons– Action SOULutions International and the Queen of The 1 Minute Trainer.  *Celebrity* Fitness Personal Trainer, Fitness Expert, retired Professional Figure Bodybuilder, model, SOUL Success Coach, Speaker, Life Mastery Coach, and Motivator helping to bring out the Greatness in people, and inspiring them to live extraordinary lives.

My professionalism, knowledge and techniques have earned me a solid reputation that is second to none during my 27 years of training both celebrities and non-celebrities alike. This web series was created in response to thousands of women around the world asking Sherry how to get fabulously fit fast on their busy schedules as Moms, business people, parents, and students. With a mission to help people get real results for real people, and move past the excuses of daily living Sherry broke her understanding of the benefits of burst training down into doable 1-minute fitness routines for a time-strapped world.


Mary Elizabeth is a Lifestyle Expert, founding Fabulous On A Budget in 2004, empowering women internationally that “no matter who you wear or what you drive, everyone can be Fabulous!”   Her work has been featured nationally in both print and television, including The Style Channel, Discovery Networks, HGTV, as well as university campuses through Digital College Network. In 2008, Mary was named a Top 10 trendsetter in Los Angeles and serves as a trend forecaster for many Fortune 500 corporations and entertainment conglomerates.  Mary Elizabeth owns and maintains a unique design firm, The Life Organized, to educate her clients’ within their home.  As a life advocate, Mary leads public speaking engagements nationally to empower your best self.

As a busy entrepreneur, I have learned that to achieve your goals and desires, we must prioritize ourselves.  This means consciously choosing a holistic approach to life where we work from the inside out. In just 8 minutes a day, you can have the body, physical vitality, metabolism that are just waiting for you to take action!  No matter what you’re skill level or old fitness ideas, take Now to achieve your fitness goals. Cut through the old excuses, and open up to your most dynamic life!  Claim your power minute today, and we promise you much more than just a physical transformation (although sexy glutes are pretty good too).

Upon realizing their unique skill sets, Sherry and Mary discovered the fundamental message they are sharing with the world is the same:  ‘Empower Your Best Life Now.’ With a passion for education and proof that our approach works, we set our to share our knowledge with the world.  The 1 Minute Trainer offers simple solutions for your daily life.  Think of it as your guide to living a holistic life with tips on accessing your best self through health & wellness, nutrition, relationships, finance, and time management.

The excuse free cure to workout excuses. Anyone can have the The 1 Minute Trainer – anytime, anywhere. The ultimate, fat burning, distressing, anti-aging workout.

When you exercise by surge training 1 minute throughout the day, it is time efficient and most importantly, stops the no more excuses mindset.  How many times have you said, “I don’t have time to work out”??  Well, with the 1 Minute Trainer, you need simply 8 minutes a day. You can do it anywhere, and you can start now. The greatest benefit about this type of exercise is regardless if you are an athlete, beginner, or novice; you will get the same benefit regardless of your specific body because it is all about your relative intensity. Whatever exercise you choose, you will do it at a maximum level for a short amount of time – And that’s ultimately why the 8 Minute Trainer is so effective.  It raises your anabolic hormones, your growth hormones, and testosterone. You’re going to burn more sugar during the exercise, which kicks up fat burning for 36 to 48 hours following the exercise. It enhances your muscle mass development, and when you have more muscle, you burn more calories throughout your day. It creates a phenomenon called oxygen depth, which means you have a bigger metabolic cost after the exercise, which also improves your ability to handle stress. All you have to do is go all out at your level in 1-minute intervals where you’ll feel the burn in during the 60 second burst. So, to strengthen your muscles, burn fat, increase your metabolism, release stress, and feel good, simply go all out for one minute, 8 times a day.

The difference… The 1 Minute Trainer focuses on using safe exercises to get results. The program draws out the old programming and limiting beliefs people believe about exercise, and focuses on the real, body positive changes that happen within the person before the visible results. The 1 Minute Trainer focuses on transforming your body within your lifestyle to create a do-able program that uplifts your daily experience. We focus on providing easy solutions that prioritize you and empower your best life now!

You decide which 1 minute exercise, Intensity level, and Target area you want to work. The 1 Minute Trainer has a new video daily for your fitness needs, whether it be one minute yoga or a basic exercise for your upper body, booty and thighs, or full body work out, we have fun solutions you can do anywhere in 60 seconds. Virtually Limitless 1-minute exercise combinations we will share with you on The 1 Minute Trainer that can be done anywhere by anyone, anytime, including commercial intervals, waiting for water to boil, your lunch break.  There truly is NO excuses!  Regardless of who you are and where you start, One Minute Trainer is effective and transformational.  Don’t be unhappy any longer, join the fun at The 1 Minute Trainer.

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