by Sherry Gideons

There is only one deprivation,
And that is not being good to myself.”
“I am not fighting deprivation,
I am a Woman that has a goal;Sherry Gideons

Obesity discrimination is real my friends. And I too have a dream. My dream is that each and every one of us who spend our lives sad that we live in a body that doesn’t come close to defining who we really are will find the ability in ourselves to begin a journey of self-empowerment. We will find the strength to change and better our lives- and no longer stand for anyone treating us poorly based on our physical appearance! 

Realizing that the dream starts with you. It must start deep within you… With the commitment and determination to change… to create a healthier and more positive life for yourself.. I have learned and you will too someday, ” that everything in life is done by hope,” I am not here to convince you of what is true. I am here to offer you hope. Never lose hope. New studies show that faith can help us achieve joy, peace and better health. Our souls are constantly leading us in directions that will bring us happiness, peace, and balanced love. Are we listening? Are we receptive to the guidance that we have asked for? Our souls, constantly show us ways to strengthen our spirit and tell us that it wants to have fun. I believe, It is our perception of our selves that has much to do with how the world sees us and judges us. I know that all the years, I was fat and obese, I despised the hatred that I had for my body. I became a very bitter and angry person. I tried every trendy fad diet that was available, yet I remained fat…or got fatter.

I became convinced that I was the problem. I got mad at the world-I forgot that there was hope.Fortunately hope hit me on the head and reminded me of its existence. Reality has a way of doing that to you. I was given a wake up call! rather then have YOU remain hopeless while awaiting your wake-up call, allow me to quote one of my mentors, Zig Ziglar: ” Can you set hope as one of your goals? I believe you can if we carefully analyze it. Hope forms an acrostic for honest optimism based on personal effort. These steps will provide you with a deeper sense of joy and connection with others as well as connection with the whole universe.

You Can Do It! I have faith in you!

Enjoy the journey.

Strengthen your Spirit with soul training

  1. Enjoy a repetitive exercise (find past times in which you can lose yourself)
    variety is the key: dancing, combination movements that give full skeletal workouts, gardening, walking, and jogging. When exercising focus on breathing or the motion of your body.
  2. Meditate spend 10-15 minutes a day. Once or twice in a relaxed quiet state.
  3. Join a support group or women’s exercise group, sharing your problems; such as anything from overeating to daily life frustration, talking to people who understand can have dramatic results.
  4. Cherish friends and family
    Study after study shows that people who are connected to friends, family and community groups have lower death rates then those who feel isolated.
  5. Get high on helping!
    In surveys of 3,000 volunteers, studies found that good Samaritans, who have personal contact with those they help, consistently reported better health than their peers did. 9 out of 10 people said they felt a helpers high-a rush of energy and euphoria-while doing good!
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