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Do not be MISLEAD by MEN and especially don’t be MISLEAD by WOMEN. MISINFORMATION IS RUNNING RAMPANT IN THE FITNESS INDUSTRY, CREATING GROSS INJUSTICES TO WOMEN WORLDWIDE. Women Have Been Exercising Wrong! FREESTYLE is taking the world by storm. Women have been exercising with enthusiasm for nearly 40 years… without achieving the results they want!…

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My Dream


by Sherry Gideons There is only one deprivation, And that is not being good to myself.” “I am not fighting deprivation, I am a Woman that has a goal;Sherry Gideons Obesity discrimination is real my friends. And I too have a dream. My dream is that each and every one of us who spend our…

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A Woman’s simple Guide to Circuit Training

Cut workout time in half And improve cardiovascular conditioning In minimal time. BY Sherry Gideons Motivational Speaker, Personal Trainer, Model, Competitor So you want to train Simple? Have you been looking for a solution to achieving your over-all goals, meaning well being, weight-loss, fitness and whatever your heart desires? Happiness is Free, and it’s easier…

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Freestyle Fitness For Woman

Common Sense & Logic There is no question that the fitness field has evolved. Just forty years ago there was no such thing as a co-ed health club. The universal jungle gym was loaded with sate of the art exercise equipment and the word aerobic was not even in the dictionary! When a young president…

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Improve Your Time Management Today!

By Sherry Gideons Dear Friends, On my System Of Life Enhancement journey I have been intrigued by the concept of time management. Many of my friends & clients have also expressed interest in discovering the secrets of time management. It is for this reason that I am dedicating this entire article to time management. I…

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