By Sherry Gideons

Dear Friends,

On my System Of Life Enhancement journey I have been intrigued by the concept of time management. Many of my friends & clients have also expressed interest in discovering the secrets of time management. It is for this reason that I am dedicating this entire article to time management. I will reveal to you the exact step-by-step system that I use to plan my day. The system I use is very simple.

The system has been proven in my life and others. If you consistently plan your day, by using this system your results will increase by 50% or more!

A short story: I learned this system from Eric Lofholm, a motivational sales and marketing guru. I received e-mail from Eric one day, in which I downloaded an e-book he was offering. I of course forgot about it, until one day I was meditating and seeking the solution to receiving 5,000 dollars from the universe. After allowing myself to let go and allowing my mind to answer my question. I happened to be cleaning out my hard drive on my computer; when I happened to come across Eric’s 10 steps to goal setting. Eric talks about the power of what your mind will share with you, if you ask yourself a question and write a date down on paper. I sat down that moment and followed his strategy. At that time, I had 5 days to receive the 5,000, I desperately needed. I wrote down that I was grateful I allowed myself to receive the money by Friday December 7th. Guess what? The very next day, my husband called to say that he had just done a deal in his business, which would give us the 5,000 by Friday December 7th.

So without further delay here is the system. I use a three-step process. I learned from Eric Lofholm.

Step 1.

Block 14 minutes to plan your day. 14 minutes is significant because there are 1,440 minutes in each day. 14 minutes is 1% of your day. By blocking 14 minutes I mean exactly that. No cell phones. No email. No distractions. Just planning.

Step 2
Ask and answer your power questions in writing. I have 16 power questions that I ask myself each day. I learned this from Eric and also from Anthony Robbins book “Personal Power” that your brain will answer whatever question you ask yourself. Knowing that, I created a list of 16 questions to help me plan my day. Each day I spend 14 minutes planning the day by asking myself my 16 power questions. I then write down the responses in my planner. I have enclosed the power questions at the bottom of this article I learned from Eric Lofholm.

This one idea could transform your time management. Each day I would plan my day in my planner. I began to notice how I planned my day. What I noticed was that I would ask myself questions at random and then write down the answers. For example I might ask myself whom I needed to follow up with that day.

My brain would answer the question and I would continue planning. Here is the key point. If I forgot to ask myself the question, “whom do I need to follow up with”, then the answer would not show up in my planner. I immediately realized how powerful it would be if I created a list of power questions that I asked myself during each planning session.

Step 3
Prioritize my action items for the day. I put an asterisk by my two most important action items. Each day I focus on my list of action items with a special focus on my two most important outcomes.

I have been using this system since December. I have seen a dramatic increase in my results since I began using the system. What I like about the system is that it’s doable. I find it easy to plan my day using this simple step-by-step system. When I set it aside, results and events slow down.

Consider these questions:

How consistently do you plan your day?
What would it mean to you if you planned every business day on paper prior to the day starting?

Sherry’s Power Questions

1. What must I accomplish today?
2. Who do I need to follow up with?
3. What is the one product I will focus on until I complete it?
4. What will I do today to make progress on this product?
5. What new prospects will I call?
6. Are their any activities I need blocked time for?
7. How will I improve my health today?
8. What will I do spiritually today?
9. What can I do today to get my team to peak perform?
10. What will I do for my Husband today?
11. What will I do for my son & Daughter today?
12. What can I delegate to the people who are helping me to grow my business?
13. What can I delegate to my staff to grow my business?
14. What are my two most important outcomes today?
15. What will I do to improve my web site today?
16. What will I do for myself today?

I challenge you to plan every business day on paper before the day starts for the next 30 days. If you accept my challenge send me an email at or visit my site at

This System Works! Thank you Eric.

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