Goddess of Transformation eBook

The Transformative Power of Daily Gratitude: Recognizing the Feminine Within

Being thankful for every blessing in life will change your future, but recognizing the feminine within speaks to how often we think about various life experiences, whether pleasant or not, and feel the energy of those times, while reflecting with gratitude on the gifts those experiences bring to our growth.

Be prepared to discover new ways to learn more about yourself, experience greater peace, and live a balanced life each day. Sherry shares how a near death experience and a shift in awareness caused her to be grateful for the feminine energy within her. Her insights have come from experiencing what happens when choosing to be in gratitude for all experiences and the gifts they bring, discovering how her energy vibration is one of peace and a balance between the masculine and the feminine, and learning tools for recognizing whether uncomfortable feelings were her own or caused by the energy of others that she had taken on. Through daily affirmation and gratitude journalism Sherry discovered the Goddess energy awaits within us all to help us adapt and grow.

This ebook comes in Amazon/kindle and is available for immediate download for $8.99.

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