Food Psychology Coaching Program

My Food Psychology Coaching Program and Full Mind Workout was born from my own struggle to celebrate whom I was and learning to take charge of my mind. After working with many men and women, owning a women’s health club I learned that many people struggled to have a healthy identity with their body image.

As a former fitness competitor, emotional eater, bulimic, and anorexic, I noticed many of my clients practiced disordered eating behaviors that were rooted in emotional attachments to the belief that they were not worthy or deserving. Now this is a challenge and most of the time unconscious until emotionally it starts to take its toll and spirals out of control. The first step is to get one’s attention off of their weight.

You may have been one of those people who have tried just about everything. You have read and done every diet book that has ever been put out. You have ordered just about every infomercial product that has promised you easy, quick, and finally lasting results. But you are still searching for the thing that will bring you what you are after, or you would not be here right NOW! Your body is important, and mistreating it for any reason is only going to lead to future problems.

Each year people might gain just a little more weight and then go to extreme measures to strip it away again. This is not healthy. All of us, especially women, are the subject of scrutiny and pressure to conform to our cultures image of beauty. I noticed this pattern not only with my own life and many women who joined my gym, but also quite often with everyday clients I trained over the years looking to stay fit and live the dream of looking like an athlete.

Binge eating and over eating are the most common behaviors I find in my work. In addition, many of my clients have been to traditional psychologists before coming to me for coaching. All of them have a similar complaint. They are not really understood. They don’t actually have an eating disorder and so the solution is often a recommendation to stop placing such strong emphasis on looks, weight and body image. That’s easy for them to say, but not so easy to implement.

Food Psychology Coaching is for those people who are unhappy with their relationship with food and how they use food to resolve painful issues as well as the cycle of binge eating followed by extreme dieting. It covers not just the physical aspects of health, but the emotional and spiritual as well. No one can be truly healthy whose body is fit but whose soul and spirit is crushed, bitter, or hopeless. These three physical, emotional and spiritual are inseparable. I highly emphasize maintaining the goal of physical competence, and at the same time achieving emotional balance. By moving beyond the scale, beyond issues of weight, by learning where true identity should come from, you will discover you ultimate goal…FREEDOM!

The next step for you is to fill out the Food Psychology Questionnaire. From there I will set up a first time phone consultation with you to discuss your needs in complete detail.

Food Psychology Coaching Program Overview

Weekly one hour consultations, either by phone or in my office
Ongoing nutritional assessment and modifications
Effective Full Mind Workout Mental Fitness techniques to evolve emotionally charged areas
Sherry’s Freedom Planner & unlimited answers to all your fitness and nutrition questions
Unlimited E-mail support
Unlimited text message support
Customized program to meet each person’s needs


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