I have known Sherry Gideons since we were 15 years old in High School. Sherry speaks calmly, uses positive words, and has the most amazing optimistic behavior. She is able to talk with strangers, feels comfortable in new situations, says hello to multiple people, and knows many people. Sherry is a leader and always open to try new things. She is incredible in helping people in personal training to succeed and accomplish their life goals. Sherry was there for me in times as a Coach helping me to reach higher, and to recognize I was worthy and deserving of the best life I could imagine. I watched her achieve her life’s goals working towards her AA -BA degree, while maintaining the basic life necessities, such as maintaining a healthy body by exercising regularly, eats healthy, and remained interactive with her children. When she says she will do something she does; she was able to keep a job for a long period of time, and still pursue her dreams. She operates on the belief of “being the consciousness of the thing you desire”, very aware of her actions and words, always trying to prevent anger and negative reaction or problems through the belief that we can wake up every day and expect only good. Sherry has an interesting life story, lights up a room when she enters. She has great interaction with adults, is a story teller, spontaneous, fun, and willing to try new things. Had an exercise company titled “simple solutions”, has written articles about how to solve personal health problems and change your “mindset” in regard to weight loss and fitness. She is well known in her city, state, online, Facebook, wherever she lives she meets and networks with people. I feel I can tell her anything and she will still love me and care for me, she tries to help people, not take advantage, and is always a good listener. I love that Sherry is able to share her deepest fears and darkest secrets without worrying what someone may think or do; says it, does it, means it; looks healthy and she works at it—-exercising and eating healthy. Her actions speak louder than her words; Accepts all types of people, interacted with homeless people, has friends of all races, willing to meet new people and accepting of new and different cultures, interested in the unknown and open to it. Makes goals and achieves them, has hit rock bottom and climbs up stronger each time; and learns from mistakes. Marcia Carrillo, Merced High School, Merced California

I hired Sherry Gideons in 2002 to personal train me. She worked with me to get me in the best shape of my life. Sherry is a very confident and has an outgoing; down to earth personality. She looks for the positive in every situation with a bubbly personality and big smile. She has a friendly nature and ability to make conversation with anyone. I loved her natural ability to sense when help is needed and willingly jump in. Her zest for life and what it has to offer, along with her open spiritual attitude toward life helped me to shift my thinking and become aware of old programming that was not serving me. The example Sherry demonstrated in regards to integrity, her need to be responsible and do the right thing was wonderful. Her drive to be successful in all areas of her life was contagious and exciting. Sherry had a way of making you feel special about all your accomplishments, and I admired her ability to run her own business, go to school full time, and be a great mother, and her intelligence. Sherry helped me believe that I could be successful with any idea I had. Stacy Meagher, Yuba City California

I hired Sherry in 2005 to personal train my husband and myself. Sherry is very knowledgeable about many things and she uses her knowledge to help others and it makes her a confident person. She is a very upbeat person who enjoys laughing and making others laugh. Sherry never meets a stranger without helping them in some way. She enjoys people and it shows. She is quick to smile and say hello to anyone. Sherry is a very straight forward person, willing to listen and learn from others. Sherry is willing to help others with the knowledge she has acquired, to help improve themselves. By nature, I consider her a joyful, happy, fun person. If she says she will do something for you, she does it. She is polite and respectful in her interactions with others. Sherry always tells the truth and has nothing to be dishonest about. Sherry is a very busy person with a family, and many interests. She has to be organized or she wouldn’t be able to do all that she does, and do it so well. She’s very impressive that way. She is a mover and a shaker. She is rarely idle. She has a lot of knowledge about many subjects. She is never boring. She is a great conversationalist. She is quick to learn new things and how to apply them in a suitable manner. You have to be around Sherry to get this part right. Sherry has had many adverse life experiences that she has always found a way to come back to the top and persevere. She is a great problem solver in life. She very outgoing, friendly and likeable. She is a good listener. She makes people feel like she is genuinely interested in them and about them. Sherry is always striving to be her best, do her best, always striving for improvement. She is very trust worthy. Sherry has a very strong sense of the right place to be in life. She is a strong person, who can stand alone, or with others. With Sherry, what you see is what you get. She is never fake for anyone. And if you don’t really want to know, don’t ask. She is one of the most honest, straight forward women, I have ever met. She sees what can be, and goes for it. She sees the possibility of the possible. That is success. Sherry is tireless. Always learning, reaching, for the next part to do. When you are engaged in a conversation with Sherry, you will never ask this question again. She listens with her whole being; she reaches to you, with her whole being. She connects and you feel that she hears You, and you never feel “judged” by Sherry. She is very honorable, and humble about where you are in life. Judy Snider, Yuba City California

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