An Update to Sherry’s Story

Those of you who enjoyed Sherry’s first story in 1997, will love to hear about her second heart attack after the delivery of twins in 2004, and her triumph to heal from her diagnosis of needing a heart transplant, possible death within a year, and that she would never exercise again.

One can go on expecting external things to change one’s life for the better. However, this is good news for anyone is ready to be helped in practical and immediate ways because the truth of the matter is that we are never going to get any better until we start to do better with what we have right now. There is a natural resistance challenge growing in us all, because growth requires change. So many of us become the victim and try to blame someone else, or think up all kinds of thoughts that are going to happen as a result of this one thing you may be dealing with; until growth knocks on our door. Why is it that most of us need to be forced to grow to get the desires that live in our heart? As for me, I have had two life changing opportunities to make a difference here on this planet. February 13, 1997 was my first wake up call.

My childhood dream was to be famous; I thought in movies and TV. What I have come to realize is that my fame comes from being of service to people, sharing life’s solutions and tools to unleash what is already within each individual. My own call for growth came as a result of a heart attack and near death experience. I was searching for acceptance and approval from the world, rather than inside myself. My dream was to become a professional fitness bodybuilder. So I surround myself with bodybuilders. I had already struggled with bulimia on and off for 19 years searching for a way to eat and still be thin. At this particular time the next phase of my life involved drugs and eventually anorexia. These new ideas became my answer to being thin. They were never my idea to escape life. I thought they were my only way to be thin. Within a year my life came crashing down on me; I went from being large and overweight, to an anorexic 100 pounds and nearly dies.

The result a near death experience; my own wake up call. The beauty of it was I was given the choice to start over. I had one of the near death experiences that a lot of people read about. I was shown my life review; I got to decide how well I had done through the lives of all I had affected. I was shown my present life and the potential life I could still have lived. To most this sounds very deep and possibly crazy. To me it was the most amazing experience. What I thought was that this potential life was all going to happen the day I recovered. What I came to realize later was that it was up to me to persevere despite people’s opinions. The beauty of it was I realize today, is that to be of service to others I had to have walked in those shoes myself. I discovered solutions, and ingredients to recipes, that I could share with others right where they were at in their own lives.

When I first recovered I was so passionate about my vision, that I did not realize that I had to be careful with whom I shared this vision with. The people I had previously surrounded myself with really thought I had gone off the deep end. As for my family; their own idea of getting back on track was hard love. My dad said, “you made your bed you lie in it”. My mom was married to someone who had no children of his own and did not want me and the two children I had at the time to stay at their house. They wanted me to take responsibility for my own life and the choices I had made. So my mother took me and my two children up to the outskirts of the Sequoia National Forest to live. This was the most painful and enlightening experience of my life. My mindset at time was open beyond belief, yet resentful. What I couldn’t believe was that I was given this second chance and yet in my mind I was experiencing hell. The experience lasted three months until I realized I was still living from old programs and false truths that were no longer the story of who I was. I was keeping this old story alive, until I took a moment to look inside myself and recognize I was worthy and deserving of whoever and whatever I chose to be. I looked inside and chose to grow, to be the greatness that I had the potential to be.

My life did not change overnight. I later went to a homeless shelter, then to a commune, and later to the streets again. What I discovered on this journey was, that there are amazing people everywhere, that each one of us is truly special and unique. We all deserving and worthy of all life has to offer, and that we can create anything we desire from a higher level of awareness. What gave me the strength to persevere was the possibility of who I could become, not who I had been. I learned to look inside myself for answers instead of outside. I learned that through our own thought life is reborn into each of our own experiences. I began to visualize what I wanted my life to look like, what I wanted my body to look like, my business, and my world. Setting the intention was the first step. I began to notice limiting mantra’s I had never been conscious of before. I began to notice when I was having empowering thoughts and dis-empowering thoughts. I began to understand that I had the choice to shift my thinking and what was created in my life. When I would catch myself having a dis-empowering thought, I would reframe my thinking by stating what I really wanted with an empowering statement. One day about 3 years later, I was ready to begin again to pursue my dream. I started by losing 87 pounds, one day at a time. That old “One day at a time” slogan may sound corny to most, but no matter what desire any of us has for ourselves, the present moment, present day, is where true power lives.

So 2000 was a big year for me, 87 pounds lost, a new body. I decided to make my debut back into the fitness industry. I was hopeful and confident of my potential to achieve my goal. Guess what? I won MS. Fitness model search. That year I went on to win World Natural Ms. Figure 2000 and many more shows which would eventually turn me Pro in the natural industry. My story began to get featured in many magazines, radio shows, and TV shows. Before I knew it I was spokes model and fitness for several companies and appearing in fitness magazines, and movies with other fitness personalities. Perseverance was demonstrating my dreams and desires.

I persevered through some very challenging times, but I chose to be all that I could be. The story doesn’t end here. You probably all thought that life dealt me happiness and dreams. Well, it dealt me life. What I came to realize it was how I reacted to life that created my reality. I eventually pursued another dream. I was given an opportunity to purchase a health club in a little town called Yuba City. This was a small twon outside of Sacramento California. Small! Very Small! Anyway, I was excited moving forward about the possibilities for my new venture and out of the blue I became pregnant with twins at 39 years old. My first thought was how am I going to do this at 40 years old. I decided to take all my own advice and taught classes exercised during mu entire pregnancy. The doctor told me at 8 months pregnant it was time to stop exercising. He also mentioned that I was the most fit patient carrying twins that he had ever had; I had only a month left for delivery and was glad for the break. Everything was going along as planned and I ended up delivering two beautiful girls, Haley Faith and Hanna Hope. The first day was horrible, because I had an allergic reaction to morphine and could not stop throwing up, not to mention that I could not get one of the babies to eat at all either. Later into the evening I asked the nurse to please help me with one of my babies. She kept throwing up and did not seem to have any food going down her. The nurse took her and told me she would watch her. Several hours later the nurse came back to tell me there was something wrong with my baby and she had called the doctor. When the doctor arrived, she came in my room to tell me, my baby had been born without her throat attached, that her esophagus had grown to her lungs and she had what they called an anomaly in her upper back in which her vertebrae in her upper thoracic did not fuse to her spine and they were not equipped to handle reconstruction. Within thirty minutes the baby was medivacked to Sacramento. I pleaded with the hospital to let me go with the baby. Eventually released me and notified the Ronal McDonald charity house that I had a sick baby and would need a place to stay. The Ronald McDonald charity house is a non-profit organization that house parents of sick children in the hospital.

When we arrived at the hospital the doctor informed us of all the best and worst case scenarios. I immediately turned away from all the worst case scenarios and immediately began to shift my thinking towards what I call the truth. I began to speak as if everything was functioning at it highest capacity. I began to see her throat well and her swallowing and drinking milk. I kept my full attention on wellness and everything operating as it should. The doctor called down from surgery to let us know we received the best case scenario in every way. I ended up going back to the Ronald McDonald charity house so that I could be close to Haley. About three days later, I began to experience the inability to breath. I woke up the next day to a knife shooting pain in my side and feeling very sick. I called my husband at work to tell him the details. He later called me back to tell me the doctor wanted me to come to the hospital immediately. After 6 hours or more of tests, the doctor came back to tell me there was nothing wrong with me, that maybe it was a small infection with my c-section and to take antibiotics and sent me home.

The next day I was worse, I could no longer sleep on my back or lie down period without struggling for air. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to call the doctor again, because I thought all he was going to do was tell me there was nothing wrong with me again. I thought I could make it to my next appointment on Monday. It was now Saturday, one week after delivery. We went to visit the baby and I could not get out of the car without struggling for air. I began to hear popping and fizzing in my throat when I opened my mouth. My husband had to get me a wheelchair to get me to Haley’s room. I never said anything at the hospital the baby was in. I could hardly visit her due to the state I was in. Later that day, I cried on my husband’s shoulder while preying that the doctor would be able to figure out what was wrong with me on Monday. On Sunday I knew that something was horribly wrong with me and I was close to death. I had been there before and knew I needed help soon. I began to plead within myself for the doctor to be able to figure out what was wrong with me. I knew I didn’t have much time. My husband returned from visiting Haley in the late afternoon of Sunday. I was mad, angry and desperate. At this point I knew I needed to get to the emergency quick.

I was taken by ambulance to the emergency room of the Yuba City hospital. While in the ambulance they discovered my blood pressure was 187 over 137 and I was in cardiac arrest. When they got me into the hospital they started shooting needles in my stomach several IV’s and went into my main artery to discover I had no oxygen production. Shortly after the doctor came in to tell me I was having a heart attack, they didn’t know why, and it was their job to find out. A few minutes later I was sedated so they could keep me resting and move me to ICU. I awoke in ICU to my husband standing over me. He said there was something he had to tell me. He began to explain to me that I had had a massive heart attack, and that I was going to be on my back for six months waiting for a heart transplant. Shortly after the specialist walked in; Dr Chin began to tell me that my heart had stretched out the size of a cantaloupe in which I only had 30 % heart function that I would need a heart transplant, could die within the year, and would never be able to exercise again. He also began to explain that he would like to use some new medication out there today. I immediately told him I would be fine and would heal to 100% of my capacity. He said we need to look at this realistically.

I began to share with him the story about my near death experience, and that each of us has the ability to heal at every level. He asked me how I thought I was going to do this. I simply explained that I would turn away from the appearance of illness and place my attention on wellness. I explained that I would speak within me the truth, that every cell was functioning at it’s highest capacity, my heart was strong and well. For the next three years, I lived breathed and believed this. I acted as if all that I said was the absolute truth. I was told not to exercise, but I believed I was whole, perfect and complete. That is how I acted and believed. The words I used with others were always a reflection of my belief that I was functioning at my highest capacity.

There was a day approximately three years later that I walked into the doctor’s office. He said; Sherry you are an amazing woman! If everyone knew what you know, I would not be a medical doctor. We all have the ability to heal ourselves, but we cannot force people to believe this. Life shows up for each one of us, to the degree we believe. They have to believe in themselves. The doctor went on to say that we would wean me off of all medication over a two week period, and I could go back to life as usual.

Today, I choose to live life to the fullest! I have acquired keys to wisdom and help others to awaken to the wisdom that is always available within them. I have them, you have them, and we all have them when we choose. Mental action must be the primary action in healing. I chose to persevere to be the best mother and share my ideas of life with those who are looking for solutions in their own lives. What I have come to understand over the years is that the vision that was shown to me is happening throughout my life. I believe it! That is all that matters. The more I believe in myself and allow my own self to shin3. The more opens for me in my life. It is my hope whoever is reading this makes a decision to do something in their own lives. It starts with you! Make all your dreams come true.

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